5 Ways to Make Your Writing More Exciting

writing more exciting



If you’ve read any legendary bad books, you’ll notice a number of things that make for poor writing and kill the excitement of a story. Here are x methods you can use to may your writing more exciting.

  1. Don’t write about a “everyman” – People want a hero that comes in and dominates the problem.
  2. Don’t tell your audience a character’s feeling, show the feeling through action. – Instead of writing about how they feel nervous, show them tapping their hands. By not spelling it out directly, your audience may ADD IN their own feelings. Instead of just “nervous” your character is now obsessive compulsive too, which perhaps they relate to.
  3. Don’t list. – Writing is not grocery shopping. No one wants to keep tallies while they read. So the character has a sword, shield, loincloth? Great. It sounds better to describe the barbarian smell and how the dust shakes off their shield as they pick it up.
  4. Stay away from flash backs / flash forwards. – Once this is introduced the reader now needs to keep track of which time period they are in. I understand that this is done to give character depth, but depth can be found without shifting out of a tension focus to a “oh by the way” focus.
  5. Surprise the audience with an odd detail. – The reader may not have ever been in an action situation like what you are putting your protagonist in. So finding a surprising odd detail they may not have considered gives an air of authenticity, which draws them in and makes them feel part of the action. An example may be the lack of a particular debris in an explosion or a sword sounding like a bell as it reverbs from another sword.