4 Reasons to Take Up Writing

reasons to take up writing


There are many reasons to take up writing. I will list a number of them below. However, if you want to write to become rich, choose a different route. Very few authors are rich. Most “professional authors” get a $30,000 royalty advance for each book they create – which a few authors can only turn out one book a year. Many of those books may no further royalties past the initial advance. Now this is according to the research I’ve done – as I am not a “professional author”.¬†However, I believe this figure to be true. A good short story, which takes a novice a week to do (perhaps a professional could do it in a day), pays just about $50. That is if you are the 1%-5% that is accepted to be published. So writing is not about getting rich. So what are some reasons to take up writing?

  1. Words are powerful. Knowing how to put them together correctly gives you an advantage in day-to-day life.
  2. Writing is fun. I like to do some discovery writing; which means that I have no idea where the story will go when I start to write it. When it takes a surprising twist, it’s a surprise to myself as well!
  3. Writing can produce a “long tail”. To me this is the Holy Grail of writing. It is not that just one story or book was a mega bestseller. You have a number of small to okay sellers which all together produce an interesting effect. What you write continues to pay off years after you wrote it.
  4. Converting life into stories makes it easier for people to relate. I’ve heard the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I believe the way to a woman’s heart is through her laughter. If you can keep her having fun and laughing, you are golden. Being able to take your daily life and turn that into a funny story is a key skill towards this.