Writing to fit keywords is madness

Writing to fit keywords


Writing to fit keywords is a type of madness. I make no secret that I want this website to be a success. However, I’ve come across several articles about long tail writing, and how the best way to do this is to add more long tail keywords into your article. This is a very crazy idea in my opinion. Here is why I think that:

  • It takes too damn long! So, I am expected to figure out which keywords Google or Bing use that fits the long tail of my website. How long does that take? I have to think it’s at least 15 – 20 min per keyword set. Say you need 4-5 keyword phrases for your article. So, all in all, it takes you a solid 1.5 hrs to build the article. In that same space I could write three articles, posting two to other sources and keeping one for this website. Those two other sources would then draw traffic from other areas (instead of hoping that one or two of your four keywords catches on).
  • Writing to fit keywords means the writing loses quality. In the writing world, the first line of a story needs to be the hook. The idea is that you grab the readers attention and draw them in to the world you designed. The idea of using keywords a lot in articles is like making each line a first line of your story. That sounds good, but in practice it leads to all the hooks becoming less important. Less is more.
  • Writing for keywords means trying to get all your traffic from search engines. All the websites I’ve run, very little traffic comes from search engines. Traffic comes from other popular sites referencing your site. As your popularity among your peers grows, the search engine keywords are a natural “bonus”. On the websites I ran, I was always surprised by random top rankings. I didn’t aim for them, they just happened because a popular website pointed to what I had.