Scribophile is so very awesome

So a bit over a month ago I joined a local writing group. They have been fantastic, to put it mildly. Polite, not ripping my work to shreds, very encouraging. The only problem I’ve had is that they don’t meet often enough for short stories. I began to look into online resources and found Scribophile. Amazing idea! This website is based around having to critique stories to get your stories critiqued. All the extra’s around that emphasize a culture of being respectful and sharing.

What is so amazing (addictive?) about this website is the raw amount of people here. Everything moves so fast! I can critique several stories, get thanked, post my story, get that critiqued, and have a forum post responded to several times all in the space of an hour!  You can follow you favorite authors, send messages, and develop stuff together.

Goodbye Hulu subscription, hello Scribophile subscription!