Are new writers lazy?

new writers lazy

I am a new hobbyist writer, so I am still learning the ropes. However I can’t help but wonder: are┬ánew writers are lazy? Perhaps my intensity is not a common factor in this life. For example:

I’ve heard new hobbyist writers, aka full-time something else, writers produce MAYBE a short story per month. So… 2,000 words per month. I recently asked one of these hobbyist writers how often/long they spent writing. They told me an hour or two a day. I couldn’t understand how in an hour or two per day, they could only produce 2,000 words per month. So I asked them what kinds of stuff they do for their writing.

It turns out that they are spending an hour or two, per day, world building or playing online. They consider these to be writing time. I am kinda floored by that. Writing time is when your hands are on the keyboard and words are happening. Researching time is when your world building, frame-working, or playing with other writers online.

I am wondering if these hobbyists want to stay hobbyists. For myself, learning the craft in a professional manner is very important. I am listening to an audio book on writing. I am reading two Kindle books on writing as well. (One is an inside look, while the other focuses on plot structure) Finally, I am studying a grammar book so that I will have to make less edits later on.

On top of all this studying the craft, I am reading the latest fantasy book, typing 2000+ words per day, starting to get paid, and holding a full time job elsewhere. And yes, I have a personal life too! (Dating, friends, family, etc)

So I am not quite sure why these new writers think that spending an hour or two per day world-building is going to lead anywhere. I am also starting to doubt that hour or two comment. I get the feeling that perhaps they are only saying an hour or two to bolster their “ranking” in the writers circle.

That’s another thing I am not sure I get. Why authors feel the need to impress anyone! Write what you love to read. For me, it is not knowing how a story will come together and being really pleasantly surprised by the end result. (A mix of discovery writing with a brief framework – which I sometimes ignore if the moment takes me)

Anyway, my summation is just this – if you love to write, then don’t THINK about writing. Write