Blogmutt vs Writer Access vs The Content Authority

Blogmutt vs Writer Access vs The Content Authority

There are a lot of choices on where to start as a freelance writer. So many choices that new freelance writers often get a type of paralysis. While these websites would be difficult to make a huge living on, they do fill a need as they help smooth out the feast / famine cycle freelancers often have. Here is a breakdown of what each service provides (Blogmutt vs Writer Access vs The Content Authority) and how they can be used to fill a gap in income.


This service is unique among the other offerings online. In the other offerings, a client requests a specific article and the writer creates it. With Blogmutt, you are given a set of keywords and the article is up to you to build / sell to the client. This is unique as the number of articles you can write is infinite. Each article you sell is $8. Why this is an important service is because they don’t dry up; there will always be something to sell.

Writer Access

This service is a highly rated one and a favorite among blog content creators. This website has a long and arduous application process; but the end result are higher pay rates. However, these pay rates are not main focus. Instead the reason why this is a favorite is because of the way writers connect with clients. In this model, a client creates a love list of writers and then will submit a job to that specific love list. Furthermore, clients can also request individual writers to create articles for them, which can help stabilize the number of assignments a writer has.

The Content Authority

This website is a lot of Text Broker, but with much better pay rates. I’ve noticed a number of assignments that are a touch wacky; for example – requesting a lot of research for less than a penny a word. However, the website has a fair amount of work at any given time and some of it pays semi-pro rates (4 cents per word). This is a fantastic way to make a little extra cash.


While all of these solutions fit a different need, none of them could be an entire source of income. If they could it would fairly amazing and/or a lot of work.