Five Methods to Write Faster

Write Faster

There are a number of reasons why a person would want to write faster. Perhaps they have a report due or they are trying to finally create that novel. Perhaps they are paid per word and the more words they type, the better the return on their time. Whatever the case may be, here are several methods to write faster.

Write without perfection

A lot of writers have problems writing fast because they are always revising. This constant revision leads to two scenarios, both of which are bad. The first is that the words they’ve perfected are their children. They spent so long perfecting the prose that cutting them is impossible. The second scenario is that they don’t move on to the next part of the plot or structure. Perhaps in later stages the writing reveals that a new approach needs to be. Finding out the viability of the topic is better to find out sooner rather than later, so filling the piece up with words will always allow more to be edited later.

Prepare a quick outline, but discover as you go.

Having a rough outline helps decide which way the writing needs to go. However, inspiration tends to strike randomly while writing. By not outlining every little bit, inspiration can strike whenever. Furthermore, there is a joy in being surprised by one’s  writing.

Tools at the ready.

Having grammar checkers, spell checkers, and robotic readers help ensure that mistakes made during the writing process are. These tools may also present additional options, such as reading level and synonym replacements.

Practice a lot.

The best way to become faster at anything is to practice a lot. The more a person writes, the quicker they become. If they also spend time focusing on quality and how to generate that quickly then every word becomes a bit better; without needing individual editing on each tiny piece.


Understanding weakness means that isolated training can have some huge gains. If words per minute is a weakness, then focusing on increasing this is important. If grammar is a weakness, then studying this may produce some excellent results. If plot outlining is a problem, then learning how to quickly do this helps. Practice on a specific component can be very beneficial. The best way to understand which component to practice on is to submit writing to those who can read and critique it regularly. Feedback is essential for any expert in the making.
These five methods help writers add bulk to their content faster. The idea is that to be a writer, one must write a lot. Once this mass writing is completed, having special tools and meta-practice gain in value. With any luck, these suggestions will help potential writers get a better return on their time.