Why Writing Makes Me Feel Like I am Retiring Young

retiring young

I feel exceedingly lucky. I’ve found an occupation that pays me for doing something I am very interested in. While that passion may change over time, I am excited that this may work. Truthfully, writing for money makes me feel like I’ve retired young. Here are several reasons why:

  1. I get to play online all day researching cool stuff. I then put together various articles and get paid for that. So… really, I am getting paid to play on the internet.
  2. I choose my benefits. The parts of my benefits that are important to me I get to choose. Health, dental, etc… these are all my choice.
  3. I can never get fired from this job, I can only quit.
  4. So long as I am willing to always work hard advertising my services, I should always be able to find work.
  5. I get to choose new ways to make money. If I want to pursue slightly different work, I am free to do that.
  6. I get to choose how much I work.
  7. If I want something special, I can always choose to work more and get that thing.
  8. I can not be let go or thought of as odd for having this job in my later years. If anything, this would be more respectable.

Overall, this career shift makes me feel like I am retiring young and that I’ve already had my last job ever.