Designing Evergreen Content

Designing Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is writing that remains as relevant in the future as it is now. Writing in an evergreen style can help articles last longer and appear relevant long after they are . There are a number of tricks a writer can use to create this material. Here are four different tips to produce evergreen writing.

Remove Future-Tense
The words “will” and “within the next” need to be from the writing. Many future events may have already occurred, so showing how old the article is will work against the evergreen nature being aimed for. Making all events present or past tense is strongly recommended.

Remove Time Entries
While this objective is not a huge requirement, removing time entries does help make an article or writing piece appear evergreen. Referencing a study completed 30 years ago makes the article feel less relevant because information moves so quick.

Remove Pop Culture and Slang
Every generation has a variety of pop culture and slang references. Showing these particular references ages an article and reveals the author’s age. The goal of an evergreen article is to not only last for a long time, but obscure the age of the author.

Formal / Business Tone
Articles written with humor may appear to connect with an audience, but humor is alive just as much as slang. What one-generation views as funny may be boring to another generation. Making a writing piece formal and with a distinct business tone will help the content stay evergreen.

These are just four of many potential tips on creating an evergreen article. The opposite of an evergreen article is a current issues piece. Both of these types of writing offer a variety of benefits, so deciding on the purpose of an article will go a long way to making the right fit.