Hidden Danger Long Tail Research

Hidden Problem

Many blog owners start with a trip to Google Adwords. Through Google Adwords, content creators find a number of high paying long tail keywords to write about. There is a hidden danger waiting for these writers though, and this hidden danger is one well known among seasoned writers.

Being told what to write can lead to less inspiring topics, which can lead to less writing. A seasoned writer knows that the trick to being a writer is to write… a lot. The desire to write is through the connection and inspiration a writer has for a topic. Google Adwords may not lead to that constant stream of inspiration that is required to be a writer. There is another problem with this type of research.

A potential writer may believe that they have found a set of long tail keywords, when they haven’t. A combination of two or three words does not make for an effective long tail keyword set when the context of those words is very generic. For example, finding out that there is a lot of traffic for “novel writing” does not mean a long tail keyword has been found. False positives may lead content producers to write articles that are more prone to get lost in the online noise.

These content producers may overemphasize certain keywords and write too much about them, with the hope to capture all that traffic. While Google Adwords may say competition is low, the bigger picture needs to be examined. The precise phrase may have low competition because the most familiar context is in another category. For example, finding “cat cable” has low competition among pet owners maybe because “cat cable” is extremely popular in the tech sector.

Some of the best advice given is to write what inspires, clean the writing up to be pristine, and then find unique ways to market the piece. Putting too much emphasis on Google Adwords, and potential long tail keywords, can lead a new author down the wrong path.