The 100 Article Tipping Point

100 article tipping point

Many blog authors fail miserably. None of these authors started out thinking they would fail, but they under-appreciate the time requirements that building a blog requires. This article discusses an interesting concept called the 100 article tipping point. This marker is the point when many blogs start to see a trickle of money coming in.

Let’s start with the hopes many blog authors have when they start. Many authors believe in the Field of Dreams mantra of “build it, and they will come”. The idea is that Google will help bring all the traffic ever required after the website is . The reality is that Google brings little or no traffic because the competition among all the specific niche websites is so significant. Some blog authors may try to get their family and friends to visit the website, but the end effect is that no one visits and the website dies. What the author doesn’t realize is that the five articles they wrote mean nothing.

On the web, authority is not automatically given. Five articles do not qualify a person to be an expert, even if each of these articles took hours to write. Instead, the website author needs to have a larger number of articles, at least 100, before many start to consider them an expert. Furthermore, many search engines will only consider a website to be expert quality when a lot of other websites reference it.

Beyond helping a website establish its level of expertise, the 100 article tipping point is also when long tail keywords matter. Perhaps the amount of traffic on each article is relatively small, but the cumulative total of all articles is much greater. Beyond the cumulative sum of all these articles, having many articles will allow interested parties in learning more about a specific subject. Giving interested parties to stay within the website to learn more means more traffic and potential earning.

Finally, establishing a number of articles also helps build a community. When people identify with a topic, they tend to want to share that topic. Building a community of these people allows a website to gain reputation. Furthermore, creating a community helps provide instant feedback on a number of related topics, which can make building more content easier.

These are a few of many reasons why only writing five articles is not enough. Many blogs discover that hitting the 100 article tipping point opens up a number of revenue and community options. When a blog owner dreams about what they are creating, they often dream of this specific point. However, these dreamers often under-estimate this particular amount of content required to build up a blog.