The Hidden Danger of Writing

Hidden Danger

Writing has an interesting hidden danger lurking within. Many new writers / word artists expect the potential danger of not finding clients or needing time to build a platform. However, many new writers don’t anticipate this major hidden danger: easy entry. Why is easy access to the writing world such a problem? This article will discuss the reasons that make this a great motivation killer.

Many new writers stumble upon a variety of content mills. These areas offer a relatively easy and straightforward deal: write a particular level of article, get paid a specific amount. These sites are exceedingly simple to gain access to, which leads to pricing being somewhat cheap. However, new writers are willing to accept these low rates because they understand that they are “low man on the totem pole”.

These new writers then end up spending too much time in content mills and not enough looking for higher paying clients. To make ends meet, these writers may try to turn in crap quality so that they can make a specific amount of money per hour. The content mills care little of pay per hour and can reject this work or even ban the new writer. Welcome to the trap! The ease of access, followed by intense personal rejection while a person is just trying to make a living, is enough to scare away potential writers. Some of these potential authors may hop to other sites as they are .

These new writers may experience the same frustration as they previously had. Some content mills are willing to exploit their workers, followed by dumping them before they rise too far in the ranks. The ease of access into the content mills means that these locations have a lot of potential writers to choose from.

At this point, a writer may begin to investigate a lot of content mills and options. Welcome to trap #2 in the writing world! Analysis paralysis for writers is a major threat. Many “writers” do not take the time to write and instead just spend a lot of time thinking about writing. New writers may not anticipate this second trap and end up spinning their wheels.

The trick with writing is just to keep writing and improve at the craft. Writing is a snowball type of occupation in which the more that is done, the more power the writer has. If the writer can quickly create that stellar content, they can easily pay the bills.