Ups and Downs of Writing

ups and downs

Writing is not as technical as one may expect. Instead, the act of writing is considered artistic. Many find this classification very true for two reasons: they are a starving artist, and there are many highs/lows. This article will focus on the initial ups and downs of writing.

Ups (Aka – Writing is Awesome!)

  • Work flexibility is an important benefit to writing. Writers don’t have a boss that requests they are available from 8-5 every week day. If the writer wants sleep in they can. If they want to take a three-hour break in the middle of the day for a nap, they do that.
  • Writers are fascinated with the idea that they can write whatever they want and get paid. The freedom experienced with being able to choose any topic is almost dream-like and is very enticing. On the opposite side, if the writer can’t decide on a topic, a number of options are always available to inspire them. There is always something more to write as a writer.
  • Writers naturally cling on to a sense of community. When a person has been through a long ordeal, which writing can be at times, they bond a lot easier.

Downs (Aka – Writing is for the insane!)

  • Most writers live in a social bubble, of which they do not have daily interaction with a series of co-workers. While they do have an excellent sense of community, the interactions are very different from a co-worker.
  • Nearly every writer starts with little or no pay. Unfortunately, a lot of writers quit because they don’t see that the pay will align quickly enough for them.
  • The number one complaint for freelance writers is the feast and famine cycle. A new client may present a lot of fantastic work, and then suddenly disappear. The cycle of finding new work is never-ending because even when work is , a writer never knows when the work will dry up.
  • Having many options leads to analysis paralysis. Writers have so many places that could lead to the next work assignment, and only so much time to explore each one. A potential large trap waits at this point in a writer’s career. They may discover that they are spending so much time thinking about writing and not enough time writing.
  • Being a writer requires not just a tough skin, but a sense of careless abandon. Rejections are given to a writer in a variety of ways, so the writer must not only work past them but be willing to try again and again. Many newer writers find this point the most difficult as they pour a lot of passion into one avenue only to have that avenue reject them in a very personal way.
    Seasoned writers move past this quickly and begin working on the next potential source.

These are just a few of the ups and downs of writing. Seasoned writers may have a number of additional ones, such as arthritis and book tours. However, these ups and downs will be experienced by nearly every writer, regardless of their length of time in the industry.