First book, First day, new author! Think Like a Skinny Person (Lite)

Think Like a Skinny Person (Lite)

This 99c Kindle is my first book, so I am hoping it does well. In this book I discuss some of the tips that helped me lose 75lbs. Those tips came from skinny people around me.

This all started with a New Years resolution to lose weight. I wanted something a little more dramatic, as I had this resolution for a number of years. The idea was to simply ask my skinny friends what they thought about food and exercise. The hope was that the tips would be enough for me to lose 5-10 lbs through the year. What happened is that I lost 75lbs.

The frustrating thing about losing so much weight is that people keep asking you how you did it. However, I couldn’t just tell them a bunch of random tips… even though that is what helped me out. This book is my way of telling people how I lost the weight. This specific “Lite” book is a smaller introduction into those tips (40 pages). The full book should be around 150 pages. This lite book focuses on the four main topics: Stress, Sleep, Working Out, and Cooking.

Hopefully these tips will help toward your weight loss goals!