Stop Book Ads, Start Building Back Catalogs

I believe we need to stop advertising inside of books. Furthermore, I believe we need to stop book ads in Facebook and other social media. Let me preface my frustration: I’ve found a lot of different websites and books out there telling me how to make it “big” as a writer. Within these are nuggets of information that I consider valuable. However, I’ve began to think that as a reader, I ignore a lot of writer’s influence. Ultimately,  I believe the conversion comes down to:

  1. Exposure
  2. My Feeling
  3. Your Back Catalog

As a reader, when I am looking for a new book, I look for authors like the ones I already read. I also will look for popular fiction that sounds interesting. I rarely pick up a book from someone I discovered via a blog, tweet, or Facebook post. Perhaps the best thing an author can do would be having free books and pushing those on as many people as possible? I am not sure, but I hope to start this process this month (on my fiction side – Paperbackward).

The next thing I do is read the book. Amazing, I know! While I am reading, I get either the feeling that I want to throw the book across the room or clutch it to my chest. I am hot and cold that way. So if the book is enjoyable and worth the read, I open up Amazon/Audible and start hunting through the back catalog. Sometimes, I will not even try an author that does not have a back catalog. I then start whittling my way through the next book, the next book, the next book, until I’ve read everything an author has put out there. Sometimes that’s difficult, because some author’s are very prolific. Lucky for me: Audiobooks are awesome! I can make my way through a book much quicker with an audiobook helping out.


So what does my reading experience teach us about how writers should market? Simple: Don’t worry about ads to market. Once I find you, sell me on a cool series idea and that you have various formats. I don’t need a bonus. I don’t need a freebie. I can pay $1 – $3 – $15 – $30+ for your work. I just need to confirm it will be worth the investment of my time.