Why Write? Why Do You Write?


Video Transcript:

Hey YouTubers! This is Long Tail Writing. *Bad Beatboxing* Okay I really can’t do any intro music I’ll try and find something a little bit better than trying beatbox it, which… Anyway. So, this video is just a quick little extra to my writing repertoire.

So today I was thinking about why I write. Or why a writer would write. One of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson, once said that he almost gave up on writing. Then he realized that he would be willing to write even if he made nothing. He didn’t make a dime. And that’s when he got his big breakthrough. So a little ironic there.

That got me thinking, why do I write? Why do other writers write? There’s a few reasons. Some of us write for *Cha-ching* Money money! Which really you can’t bank on. You can write for fame, but it’s kinda an odd thing to write for fame because it’s someone’s going to see you coming down the street and go .. ooooo! It’s that author, that I always loved and I recognize him from the back tiny photo in the book. No that’s not going to work.

So, why write? You know I think there’s a couple reasons why I personally like to write. You I love the community. To me writers are like celebrities you can approach. And you know, shake their hand and get their autograph. And you know, that’s cool because you created this awesome universe and I am next to you! That’s amazing!

The reason I write moreso, more than being able to interact with my favorite celebrities (which are writers) is that I want to become the writer that I want to read. Let me put it another way. Blind people will read through braille right? They’ll read through their finger tips and I understand that the different bumps mean different things. I want to be that same kind of writer where I have a little bit of an outline.

But I am kind of discovery writing. And my characters are surprising me with cool dialog and cool instances and just Holy Cow I Never Expected that.  Like the emotions that I want to portray in my writing I want to be the first one to have it. I want to have my favorite author ready to write a book in a moments notice, however I want it, because I want to be my favorite author.

That’s really what drives me about it. I love also hearing my books in audio. That’s a huge thing for me. That’s why I am including a free audiobook at the end of this, so feel free to check that out. I am a little bit nervous about that because I’ve never really done a freebie before. Hopefully it works out.

Anyway, why do you write? Let me know! Please… let me know! Just go ahead and do some comments in the bottom. What this channels going to be about is a little bit of me ranting, a little bit of case studies and just having my personality out there on YouTube. Whew! That’s kinda a scary proposition. Anyway, comment about why you write below or feel free to wait till after this video and I’ll do a little freebie of an audiobook. Cool thing, huh? Alright!

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