Habit and automation loop when writing


When I first started programming computers, I stumbled upon an amazing concept. It was so cool that I had to tell my brother (a professional programmer) about it. After I enthusiastically ranted and raved about loops with arrays; he looked at me flatly. He had been using this concept for so long that it was obvious to him. Like a second nature. I think there is a similar loop when writing that I’ve discovered:


Habit and Automation Loop

So a daily habit of writing produces more than just words. I think writing daily is one of the consistent pieces of advice that I hear in the industry. Writing daily is difficult because building a writing platform can be very complex. However, the piece that isn’t mentioned as much, is automation of that platform. I am not talking about automating the writing process. (Such has using speech to text or using a ghost writer) Instead, automating the parts of your writing career that take time away from writing. That sounds obvious, but I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent working on social media or testing marketing campaigns. I feel like I now know enough about book creation and marketing that I can “set and forget”. Being able to “set and forget” allows me not to get distracted with shiny things. That means I spend more time focusing on what is important; writing. That, in turn, helps fuel the daily writing habit.

For all new writers, I would encourage using this similar concept. Build a book, figure out the best route to acquire new readers, followed by “set and forget”. Once writing becomes second nature, and the automation has built a platform, the hard work of being an author appears easy.