Daily Word Count of Famous Authors

Daily Word Count

I recently stumbled onto this website that talks about 39 famous authors, their thoughts on daily word count, and what that word count is. I took a moment to calculate what that average was and came up with around 2,000 words a day. I could be wrong, but this seems low for someone who writes for a living. However, 2k words a day for someone with a day job seems VERY high.

In another perspective, if a person types 60 words per minute, then 2000 words would take about  35 minutes. I know that my pace when writing is about half of that. I don’t type slow, but it takes time to think between each interaction. Even when the words are flowing, I get about 500 words per 20 minutes; or 25 wpm. At that pace, it would take 1 hr and 20 min to get to 2,000 words. Many times, for me, the words may not be flowing. So reduce that by 25% so that I can take 15 min per hour to research. My daily word count pace is now at about 19 wpm. For 2000 words, that’s 1hr 45 min. That’s a lot of time per day when you already have a full-time job!

I think that the trick with writing is not in the capacity, but in the consistency. For example, imagine you went to a restaurant every day for a week and each time the food was vastly different. Some days it was fantastic, then the next day it was horrible. Ultimately, you wouldn’t keep going to that restaurant because of the likelihood of bad meal.  The same is true for a writer. Writers that practice every day, in the same way, gain a certain consistency. Their writing matures and grows into a consistently good read. One someone realizes that they like your writing style, and that you have a lot more writing, you obtain a fan. So ultimately the daily word count is not as important as the practice of writing every day.