Writer Dilemma: Single Platform versus Multiple Platforms

Multiple Platform


As an author, it’s difficult to decide if it makes sense to build a single platform or multiple platforms. A single author platform could be on Facebook, a newsletter, a website, etc. They could be publishing their books in multiple formats, languages, and different markets. It quickly becomes a maze of tasks. Pursuing multiple platforms can make life much more difficult. Most involve routine involvement, such as posting a unique / funny image or submitting a taste of your writing. Trying to make sense of this, a new writer often receives two conflicting pieces of advice:

  • Keep writing and ignore platform building.
  • Build your platform as big as possible so you have regular success.

Arrgh! How do you decide on which piece of advice to pursue? I think the secret is not about the returns, but rather the enjoyment of the process. A writer should build a natural platform. If they want to communicate through Facebook, then use that. If they want to write blog articles, then use that. Ultimately a writer needs to enjoy building their platform. By definition they already enjoy writing books, so finding new ways to get books out should also be enjoyable. Furthermore, if you “white knuckle” hold onto a platform you dislike, then as soon as you start having success it’s going to be easier to let that platform stagnate.

One tip is to combine platforms and use what you enjoy to drive all of them forward at the same time. For example, if you like newsletters, then connecting newsletter posts with release announcements on multiple social media platforms makes sense. If you like writing blog updates, then connecting those to gain newsletter subscribers and post to social media makes sense.


The goal here is a simple one: Build an fun / easy to maintain platform while making sure to keep up the writing.