5 Reasons People Hold Onto Print vs Ebook

print vs ebook


In the debate of print vs ebook, here are five reasons that “dead trees” are winning the war.

  1. Batteries not required
    • Nothing is more frustrating then getting to a good part of a book, only to have to stop and search for a charging cable. Depending on the electronic, you may have to reboot the device, which also takes time. Finally, you run the risk of automatically losing your place when the device restarts. These are horrible events when you deep into a book.
  2. Dynamic notes
    • With a paper book, I can highlight in multiple colors, take notes on the side, underline words, fold pages, and even tear out entire pages to use in other ways. While digital books sometimes have a few of these, they don’t have all of this functionality. However, digital books do have group highlighting, which is pretty neat. That’s where you get to see if a hundred+ people underlined a particular passage. If they did, you know that part is important.
  3. Resale / Lending value
    • While digital books can be lent, it’s not an easy practice. Print books can not only be easily lent to a friend, but they can be resold. I think that helps raise the value of a book to a tangible asset.
  4. Taking up space
    • One of the things physical books do is take up space. While this may not be a primary goal, many people use books as a type of decoration. They are conversation starts and help fill our bookshelves. Digital books don’t have the same decorative / conversation starting purposes.
  5. Experience
    • This is the most common reason people continue with print books. Thumbing through a print book means that you get a certain feel and scent. You can feel the weight of the book in your hands and easily see how far you need to read before getting to the end. Digital books have stripped out this tactile sensation.

These are just five reasons I can think of why people would go with print books vs ebooks. There are plenty of reasons why someone would choose an ebook over a print book. (Store many books, search function, cost, hyperlinks) Personally, I think there is space for both of these mediums and I hope they continue far into the future.