Top 5 Writing Games to Improve Word Count

writing games


One way to build a daily writing habit is through writing games designed to improve word count. The idea behind these games is to make the writing habit slowly form day after day. Once you become a prolific author, then you can learn to maximize each word that is sent out to the world. Here are x writing games that will hopefully build your platform!


So, this challenge is to write 50,000 words during November. If you achieve this, not only do you get a book and bragging rights, but they have vendor sponsors that give you goodies. These goodies range from 50% off coupons to free hard back copies of your book. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) also has a lot of community support, word counters, and more. I’ve participated in the last two NaNoWriMo’s and will be participating in this upcoming one as well.


Imagine if the real world were an RPG that you could gain experience from. By accomplishing your goals in life, you could level-up, get cool gear, and go on adventures slaying monsters. That’s what this game tries to do. The big difference is that you set the daily goals that gain you XP. If you don’t complete your daily goals, you lose HP. The really cool thing about this platform is that you can quest together, which means that you have to complete your daily goals or you hurt other people’s goals. That extra sense of accountability helps drive forward habit changes; including building a daily word count.

750 words 

Mix a daily goal with some pop psychology and you get 750 words. The idea is to write 750 words every day, regardless if they make sense or not. (Or if your going to use them or not) After you write these words and submit them, the system will analyze the words you wrote and try to tell you if you’re an introvert or what your concerned about the most. This makes 750 words kind of a cool place to have a “dear diary” as it gives you extra insight into your writing.

Write or Die

This is a web and desktop app designed to prod you into typing a certain amount of words in a time limit. If it notices that you’re stopping, it warns you. If you fail you can get punished. Some punishments include a bright red screen, warning sounds, and the worst – it starts automatically deleting your writing… bit by bit. That’s pretty horrific, but definitely an interesting twist on building writing motivation.

Written Kitten

This is kind of an odd concept, but you get to see an image of cat every 100 words. I think that this is not a bad idea, if you like looking at cute kittens. I kind of with this website had different sets of images, such as a funny comic or cute puppies. Still, the idea is great if you find yourself looking at kittens a lot.



These writing games will hopefully improve your daily writing