How Deadlines Set You Free

deadlines set you free

Most people view deadlines like a cage. I think that deadlines set you free. A person is a being a flux. They are always changing. Beyond simple decisions, it’s the way we perceive things around us. We look at the world differently with each new second. What’s important to you now may not be important to you in a few moments.

That’s the idea behind living in the moment.

As many people discover, living in the moment has a downside. It’s often hard to feel accomplished after that moment has passed. Worry, doubt, and fear can seep in. We soak in this rain of insecurities like a sponge. One of the best defenses I’ve found against this is to mix living in the moment with deadlines. Making a due date and being panicked about it is important. It shifts your mind into a productive mode, which can build your future. A person ends up blocking out all the minor distractions and insecurities. There simply isn’t time to worry about anything else but the task at hand. The trick with setting deadlines and being panicked is to not only build and build, but to also relax.

Money isn’t everything and building isn’t everything. Sometimes the best way to build is to take a moment to perceive and enjoy. Enjoy for the sake of enjoying. To look back at all you’ve accomplished and smile. After you’ve done that, setting the next deadline, just a little further out.


That’s the true freedom in deadlines. It’s not the focus, it’s the knowledge in knowing you are developing in the direction you want. There isn’t a million different ways to grow, just the one. To me, releasing that worry, is exhilarating. I am who I need to be because of all the deadlines I’ve set, and have yet to set.