Why Write: The Nature vs Nurture of Writing

 nature vs nurture

The nature vs nurture of writing is not simply a question of ability vs focus. Nor is it a question of opportunity cost of developing as a writer. Opportunity cost would be deciding a harder or simpler path because the other options are not worthy.  A writer can be someone learning the craft while they find satisfaction in their day job.

I’ve heard of art, and writing, as a refinement of the soul. I think that speaks to the truth of why people write. To write is to speak to your place in the world.

In a YouTube clip from Willie Wonka, there is a song that “the candy man can”. In that video the children ask how Willie Wonka can be so creative about developing candy. The vendor’s response is “do you ask a fish how it swims? Or a bird how it fly’s?” Google why people write and you’ll often hear a repetitive phrase. Writers write because that’s in their nature.

I would take a step back from this idea. I don’t think writing is simply a native part of a person. What I think is native is that a person uses writing to understand their place in the world. It’s that pure refinement of bottling an idea, staring at it, and then showing it off. A person can discover themselves and give back to the world at the same time. My work is always signed with flaws, because I am. When you connect with my writing, you connect with me. When you are critical of my writing, I learn of my flaws.

Please note, this is not living your life based on the desires of popularity. Writers need to explore the world through a filter of words and introspection. A mathematician may see golden ratios everywhere. A painter may watch color and motion. A writer looks to the world and sees stories.  Like a the budding math formula or custom mixed pigment, we cast our shadows upon those stories.  Here, good friend, is how I see this story.