Writing time is limited

time is limited

Writing time is limited to only so many hours per day. With most authors having day jobs and other social obligations, the amount of writing time a person has may not be that much. However, here are four reasons why it’s important to try and squeeze out as much writing as possible.

  1. You can never gain the time you’ve spent back. However, you can gain royalties from the time you’ve spent. That means that writing is an investment in your future that will hopefully pay off and then some.
  2. Writing can be an excellent way to relax. Unlike the television, which doesn’t require active participation, writing requires the author to be engaged at every level. That can help a person feel more alive and “in-the-moment”.
  3. Building a habit can lead to a lifelong benefit. My favorite author (Brandon Sanderson) says that building you’re writing is less about the perfect novel. Instead it’s about building the author instead. The constant routine helps shed the things that are not important.
  4. Self expression can ease tensions a person may feel about their legacy. We are all going to die eventually. The hope is that we leave a legacy or a change that will continue to effect the world. Writing books can help ease that tension and help a person find their place in the world a little better.

There are many more reasons beyond these four to try and squeeze writing into a busy schedule. It can be tricky to sometimes put fingers to keyboard or butt in chair, but it is very essential. Building a life long occupation and love of writing is never done overnight. It’s done word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. With any luck, it culminates into a fantastic piece of art that helps people escape and imagine more from their daily lives. An author has a lot of power and managing that power requires constant practice.