Building the life you want

Building the life you want is an easy thing to say, but a hard thing to truly do. Often times it can feel as though we don’t have have full free will because of our circumstances. Instead we float from what we are told to what we are told, in an effort to be “good enough” for the moment. Perhaps if we string a number of “good enoughs” we can get to a point where we can meditate and figure it out.

I am not sure that’s how life works. I think that by the time we get to that mountain top to meditate, we’re already exhausted. If by some herculean effort we actually do find a focus, we don’t have any data points to validate it. Instead, it becomes a gut instinct. I believe a better way may be to put aside some of today for tomorrow’s sake. You want to get to the top of the mountain with data points / experience of what you want in life. To get that experience, you need to start building now. Just a small spark here, just a flitter of effort there, and you gain a deeper understanding. Soon, an hour turns to an evening. An evening turns into a day, a day into a week. Before you’re eyes, somehow the pieces become greater than their sum of parts. They become a whole life. So, my best advice would not be wait until you have it all figured out. Instead, embrace the chaos and do just a tiny bit. Perhaps this is more of a working man’s enlightenment, a solace taken at the pain of your muscles. That’s a good thing. The world doesn’t reward you for being the natural best. It rewards you for how you execute and build your dream. Start building today.