All writing advice boiled down

advice boiled down

I am not immune to giving lots of advice. Some of it may even be helpful. However, there is one piece of advice that I think out weighs most when it comes to writing. Consider this writing advice boiled down.

You can find articles that talk about what to cut from your sentences. You can find articles about building outlines or time management. You can even find articles that will tell you how to name your characters and do research. However, I feel like there is one piece of writing advice that is much larger than all others:

Keep writing

For most people the act of writing is like tipping over a domino. Even if all the domino’s are not aligned to make an amazing display, still a single domino will lead to others falling. The more a person writes, the more they get a sense of the rhythm and components of writing. The more they get a sense for ideas and cool goodies to sneak in. Even if you throw away whatever is written or you end up keeping something that is junk, that’s okay. The act of writing is not a passive thing. As you write you develop and hone your skills in interesting ways.

Your readers also are learning your style of words. Do you enjoy putting together complicated strings of theory and long winded words, only to create a two word juxtapose? Or perhaps you don’t care about refinement and simply like using a shotgun approach of “lots of cool stuff”. Maybe an author loves to spend time looking around and describing the world building. Another author may love getting right into action. As you continue to write, you’ll learn what you enjoy reading and your readers will learn that they either like or dislike your writing.¬†With any luck, your writing will improve to the point where it’s a somewhat magical process. Amazing things just happen.