Writing as Relaxing

writing as relaxing

Part of the reason I know I am an author, is that I use writing as relaxing. To me, there is a certain amount of therapy or echo chamber when writing. Seeing the words flung out from me and then sent back gives me perspective. I’ve found that during the worst parts of struggle and chaos, I end up writing down my feelings.

I don’t anticipate this to go anywhere. I doubt that anyone would ever read even a fraction of what I’ve wrote. However, it feels cleansing to be able to articulate the turbulence within myself. I can make lists to build action. I can write curse words to reduce anger. I can build wild worlds of silly action that make me smile. Writing is an amazing and raw tool that I am grateful to have. I am not fully sure what the future will hold. I have plans to get married and am trying to figure out this whole “job” thing. (Work for bills vs. work for pleasure vs. social ramifications of work) I do know that the drive to write and build will always be within me, as they have served me since I was young. I remember being a kid and thinking: ‘If I had a blank notebook and pen, I can entertain myself for as long as I want.’

I hope that I can take that sentiment and build a routine around it. I would love to continue to build books and other artistic creations.