Writers versus excuses


In the argument of writers versus excuses, time is not a friendly force. There is an ever onslaught facing all of us. Job responsibilities and social requirements, time spent for ourselves, shiny bits that we collect like bird brains. All of these are excuses not to write.

What these excuses do is draw a line between getting work (writing work) done and not done. Time is never on our side, but we don’t feel that usually until the end of the year (or around major events). I am currently in a major event. I am selling my house and buying a new house. As I think about it, I haven’t written anywhere near enough for the past couple years. I hope to change that. I hope that I can figure out a routine where writing is a requirement to “feel okay”.

We’ll see if I can conquer excuses and make some time. It’s a tricky battle, but one I hope to win.