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Think Like a Skinny Person: Building Better Health Through Unconventional Knowledge
Super Dog Obedience Training
Floating Ink (Echo on the Water Book 1)
Pale Rider (Zombies versus Dinosaurs Book 1)
Janus (Zombies versus Dinosaurs Book 2)
Lucy: The Pumpkin Patch Bunny
Lucy: The Hiking Bunny
Lucy: The Easter Bunny
Summer Sword (Birth of Djinn Magic Book 1)
Magic Factory
Halloween Party Book Set
Paperbackward Book Batch: Pale Rider, Magic Factory, and Summer Sword
365 Days of Fun: Over 100 Tips and Tricks for the Holiday Seasons
Vampire Caving
Swamp Monster Voodoo
Frankenstein: IT Support
Think Like a Skinny Person – Quotes